Together We Shine

At the Children’s Center for Therapy, we embrace the concept of family-centered care.  Therapists strive to include the whole family throughout every facet of our therapeutic process from evaluation to a child-directed, evidence-based treatment plan.  By incorporating the unique strengths of each individual child and family, we are able to make a difference in the everyday lives of each child we treat.  Our therapists have been trained in many of the latest innovative therapeutic approaches within their specific disciplines. We implement these treatment techniques in a fun, positive environment that celebrates every success. An interdisciplinary approach enhances our services as we evaluate multiple aspects of development and work together to treat the unique attributes that make up every child.

Our Mission

The mission of the Children’s Center is to optimize the development of every child by offering dynamic therapy, hiring thoughtful and experienced professionals, providing a nurturing environment, and always striving to incorporate new, innovative, evidence-based services for children.

Our Vision

We are a lighthouse for families of children with disabilities. We continue to improve our services by collaborating with other organizations and striving to provide the highest quality services to the children we serve.



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